Racism: The absolute Crutch without which Republicans Cannot function


By Easton L

YES!  It is the crutch without which Republicans cannot adequately function. What was once reserve for every presidential election cycle in South Carolina, is now main stream front and center in almost every state wherever elected Republicans exist.

Just as  Charles P. Pierce writes and correctly state, This Is a Lot Worse Than YoMama ‘Jokes’.

Because suddenly, the dog-whistles have turned into air-raid sirens.

I think, maybe, it’s time for the nation to rise up and point out to the Republican party that, root and branch, it is a racist embarrassment to democracy and a blight on this nation that all the world can see. Whether it’s N. Leroy Gingrich’s chirping about how all the black people are on food stamps, or Rick Santorum’s talking about the mysterious Blah People, or this clown whom the other clowns in the Kansas House elected to lead them, there is a steady, noxious river of bile flowing through the entire Republican party, and through the conservative “movement” that empowers it. It should marginalize the party to whatever back lot of hell it is in which a crosseyed James Earl Ray attempts to shoot an apple off the head of Byron De La Beckwith for all eternity.

No, I don’t accept your apology, you ignorant old fart. No, Rick, I don’t believe for a moment you meant to say something else and it came out “Blah people,” you Bible-banging coward. Nobody’s talking in code any more. It’s right out front there, for all the world to see. How dare these people? How dare their evil souls?

All this began to take shape in 2008 when Senator John McCain of Arizona has retreated farther and farther to the fringe of American politics, running a campaign on partisan division, class warfare and racism. However, this tidalwave surge of Republican  misogynistic bigotry began in early 2009 the minute President Obama took office.

To make matters worst the bigotry is promoted by the likes of Fox News and dripping from the lips of talk radio so-called conservative talking-heads. It is time this nation rise up against the Republican party blatant peddling of racism.