Archive | April 3, 2012

Chelsea Clinton Relates to Sandra Fluke Rush Limbaugh Attacks (video)

By Tiana L Chelsea Clinton gracefully praise and embrace Sandra Fluke for how she conducted herself to the relentless Rush Limbaugh attacks recently. The video of the forum hosted by 92Y in New York in their series called “Campaign For a Better Conversation” went up online a few days ago. Appropriately it featured Chelsea Clinton […]

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Obama put Republicans and SCOTUS on Notice over Judicial Activism on Health Care Act (video)

By Easton L President Obama is setting the stage for a showdown with the Roberts court if they decide to overturn the healthcare act, either in part or in whole. And in the words of Susie Madrak, it’s about time he stood up to these SCOTUS clowns, the conservative majority of which has never seen a judicial overreach […]

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A Program that Buys Homes Underwater – literally

With a ton of Jacksonville houses underwater, you might be surprised where you can still sell a house for a profit: the federal government. Since 2009, a program financed mainly by federal grants has paid $2.9 million for a dozen Jacksonville homes, according to real estate records. That’s $1.2 million more than the homes were […]

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CNN Host and Miami Reporter Give Cover For Right Wing inherent Racism (video)

By Nicole Belle For someone allegedly charged with analyzing the way the media does their job, Howard Kurtz fails to grasp the point with an alarming constancy. Belying his conservative sympathies, Kurtz gave cover once again to conservatives feeling icky about their inherent racism. Kurtz interviewed Frances Robles of the Miami Herald, who got the […]

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