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Repeal of the Health Care Law Would Have Immediate Consequences

15 Things To Worry About If Healthcare Reform Is Repealed   On Monday President Obama express that he is “confident” the Supreme Court will rule that his health care law is constitutional, but heated questioning by conservative justices at last week’s hearings leaves uncertain the fate of not only the individual mandate but also the entire […]

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Fox News Sean Hannity Airs Another Hybrid Political Ad Promo hit job on Obama (video)

Sean Hannity Airs Another deceptive Anti-Obama Tease That Uses Ad-Like Montage. Once Again the so called Fox News Channel is demonstrating that it is not a “news” Chanel, but a Republican right wing propaganda machine deeply invested in the airing of misinformation of President Obama. WATCH:

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Finding, fixing your credit score

Web winners: Your personal credit rating, to a great extent, determines what loans you’ll qualify for and the interest you’ll pay. Check these sites to find out where you stand, and how to fix credit problems. • All’s fair to Fair Isaac. Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO) does the math behind the credit scores sold by […]

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Rush Limbaugh Calls President Obama “A Thug” And Accuses Him Of Threatening The Supreme Court (audio)

Well, well,well! It was Rush Limbaugh “broccoli” analogy talking points that the right wing justices of the Supreme Court use to attack President Obama Affordable Care Health Care Law. The President was right to voice his opinion and warn conservatives of their own complaint of judicial activism.    

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Sarah Palin: Obama Is A Socialist, Obama Is A Socialist (video)

By Wonda J As always, Sarah Palin since leaving the back woods of Alaska, have been repeating right wing talking points without even thinking before repeating the nonsense. Previously, Sarah Palin praised then Senator Obama energy policy, while she was Governor in 2008. However, today Palin is pushing a more ridiculous hateful rhetoric aimed squarely at […]

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Seller financing expands pool of homebuyers, carries risk

Deann Gayles refused to let her marred credit history stop her from realizing her dream of buying a house. The St. Paul, Minn., resident knew she wouldn’t qualify for a traditional mortgage in such a tight credit market, so she sought an alternative form of financing: a contract for deed. Also known as a land […]

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