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Trayvon Killer George Zimmerman lawyers Just Quit, “we don’t know where he is” (video)

By Easton L The case of Trayvon Martin just took another bizarre turn as the shooter attorneys just quit on national TV. In a dramatic impromptu press conference, both, now former attorney, step to the mike to disclose that they have “lost contact” with George Zimmerman and are withdrawing as counsel. Attorneys say they still believe […]

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Rick Santorum Abruptly Drops out of 2012 Race for the GOP nomination (video)

By Easton L The writing was on the wall from he lost a a big lead in the Michigan primary to finish a close second.  While Rick Santorum went on to rack-up impressive wins in Mississippi, Alabama and Colorado the delegate math was stacked against him. However, on Tuesday April 10, Rick Santorum suspended his campaign Tuesday during a […]

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CBS Host Bob Schieffer Botches The Facts Of The Contraception Mandate (video)

By Wonda J Bob Schieffer Falsely Claims Health Reform Forces Churches To “Buy Birth Control Pills For Their Employees” In an interview with Health Care law hater, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation on CBS, falsely claimed that the Affordable Care Act required religiously-affiliated institutions — including churches — to “buy […]

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Rush Limbaugh: “Do Black People Not Eat Fried Chicken Anymore?” (Audio)

By Solange Uwimana Racial Demagogue… When Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth and makes an observation about race, whatever the topic, what inevitably tumbles out falls squarely into one category: offensive. Indeed, over his broadcast career, he has exposed a rampant hostility toward racial and ethnic minorities, largely through the use of coded language and other […]

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FHA Clarifies Its New ‘Credit Dispute’ Rule

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) back stepped a bit on a rule announced earlier. FHA says it will give borrowers a chance to explain any disputed collection accounts in their history in order to qualify for an FHA-backed mortgage. A new FHA rule took effect April 1 and had some in the real estate community […]

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Iraq Veteran Turns Love for Dogs Into Successful Business (video)

By Tiana L US Marine Veteran Nick White sacrificed a secure government secret service job to start his own successful military dog training busines. White served his country, first as a Marine, where he saw heavy combat in Iraq, and then as a Secret Service agent, where he had to be prepared for just about […]

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