Miami Fire Captain Blame ‘Sh*tbag’ Parents for Trayvon’s Death


By Wonda J

The Trayvon Martin saga takes another incendiary twist as more and more irrelevant individuals add their opinion to the mix. We cant for get the ridiculous statement from Geraldo Rivera who blames hoodie for Trayvon Martin’s death.

Now we can add another crazy opinion to this mess, as the Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue Department is investigating one of it’s owna Facebook post by one of its captains that seems to blame the shooting death of Trayvon Martin on the “shi*tbag parents” of “our urban youth,” and the “ghetto hoodie look” of young black men like Martin, Joy-Ann Reid is reporting.

The entry was posted on the personal Facebook page of Miami-Dade fire captain Brian Beckmann. The Facebook page bears the same profile picture as the entry, which appears to have been deleted, but which was captured in a screengrab sent to theGrio.

The page’s profile entry lists Metro-Dade Firefighters Local 1403.

The entry appears to have been created on Wednesday, the night State Attorney Angela Corey announced she would file second degree murder charges against George Zimmerman in Martin’s shooting death.

“Listening to Prosecutor Corey blow herself and her staff for five minutes before pre-passing judgment on George Zimmerman,” it read.

“The state seeks reelection again, truth aside. I and my coworkers could rewrite the book on whether our urban youths are victims of racist profiling or products of their failed, sh*tbag, ignorant, pathetic, welfare dependent excuses for parents, but like Mrs. Corey, we speak only the truth. They’re just misunderstood little church going angels and the ghetto hoodie look doesn’t have anything to do with why people wonder if they’re about to get jacked by a thug.”

Beckmann responded to questions about the page in a Facebook message, saying “I am a private citizen and have the same right to freely express an opinion on any subject that anyone else does. I choose not to embellish or alter the facts as your employer chose to do.”

He offered to contact theGrio when he was “off duty” for further comment.

The source who provided theGrio with the Facebook entry expressed concern that the comments reflected “the thoughts of someone who responds to the homes of the very people” being denigrated in the post.

A Miami-Dade Fire Department spokesman issued the following statement:

Captain Brian Beckmann has been with Miami-Dade county since 1997. The post on his personal Facebook page is being investigated by Miami-Dade fire rescue. The department’s only official Facebook page is:

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  • RebeccaMiami

    Mr. Beckmann has a right to his opinion, that is why my father who by the way is of mixed race; Irish American and Native American. Fought in Vietnam so that Mr. Beckmann can have the freedom to insult the very community that he serves. The only thing Trayvon Martin’s parents are gulity of is giving him money to buy skittles. George Zimmerman who, by the way I believe he is Mexican and not Cuban. Had no right to shoot that 17 year old boy in the chest and take his life because, he looked suspicious. Mr. Beckmann is a racist, and it is downrite scary to think how many lives were lost because he hates the very people that he is hired to help. In the Miami-Dade community or as he put it “Urban Community”

    • Lawsource

      Yes Rececca he does have the right to insult the very community he serve that pay for his yearly salary, however, he no longer have the right to keep that job. Because as you correctly stated, he is a “racist” who can no longer serve the so-called “Urban Community”.

  • fooster

    Though controversial and coarse, Beckmann does bring up a valid point about parenting in the urban African American Community.

    Look at the clear warning signs that Trayvon’s parents apparently overlooked –

    Incidents of possessing multiple pieces of women’s jewelry and a burglary tool in his backpack discovered by school authorities, suspensions from school for vandalism, cell phone photos showing Trayvon involved with marijuana use, guns, nude underage girls, video of Trayvon refereeing a ‘street fight’ between to minors, and tweets from him about ‘taking a swing’ at a bus driver.

    Even his personal choice of a Facebook handle – “No Limit Nigga”, shows he was buying into the toxic, antisocial, criminal, violence aggrandizing urban black subculture that is killing our young men.

    As a black man and a parent, if I saw any of these signs in my children, they would be grounded, priviliges removed, internet activity cancelled, and maybe even a good old fashioned ass whupping, whatever it would take to make sure that he understood that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable in my house, or in society at large.

    Sadly, if the Zimmerman shooting incident had no happened, I suspect that Trayvon’s future would have been spent mostly incarcerated, just another useless, valueless reprobate clogging the american prison system.

    • addmorejuice

      You raise some valid points. However, it is hard to pinpoint or determine with any accuracy how one’s future will be simply by looking at their current track record. Because people can change, that is the beauty of human beings.. the ability to turn things around 360 degree.

      You are absolutely correct that TM parents overlook some critical red flag. But is that justification for him to be followed, pursued when he wasn’t committing a crime and ultimately loss his life?

      I would love to hear your views on what you think of George Zimmerman’s assaulting a police officer, charges of domestic violence and bar his fight?

      DID his parents overlooked red flags too?

      On Saturday at a rally in New York Trayvon’s mother said something that I believe put some of the issues you raised in perspective, she said: “Trayvon wasn’t perfect, but he was mine.”