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Romney sells economic talking points  -  so far  voters not buying

Poll shows Voters Not Buying Mitt Romney Economic Argument (video)

By Wonda J Mitt Romney sells his economic acumen, but voters may not be buying as a new Poll shows the probable GOP candidate with little advantage over President Obama on economic matters. Romney who ridicule his GOP opponents on economic matters even calling Rick Santorum an economic lightweight, built his entire campaign on the […]

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Trayvon's mom and attorney Ben Crump heading inside the to court room

George Zimmerman Apologizes to Trayvon Martin’s Family In Court, bond set at $150K (video)

By Easton L A Florida judge rule’s Trayvon Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, can be released as he awaits trial for murder after a dramatic two-hour hearing today in court. Zimmerman took the stand and apologized for gunning down Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old. “I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son,” […]

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New Study Show Foreclosures Take Toll on Kids

One in 10 U.S. children has been or will be affected by the nation’s surge in foreclosures, a new report says. Five years into the foreclosure crisis, an estimated 2.3 million children have lived in homes lost to foreclosure, according to a report from First Focus, a Washington, D.C.-based bipartisan advocacy group focused on families. […]

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Hardball Highlights ALEC’s Move To “Exile” The NRA For Pushing Laws Like “Stand Your Ground” (video)

MSNBC’s Hardball, with Chris Matthews, Highlights ALEC’s Move To “Exile” The NRA For Continuing To Push Laws Like “Stand Your Ground” WATCH:

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Ted Nugent: “I am the NRA,” (video)

By Tiana L This is why the National Rifle Association (NRA) is “impossible” to deal with on the issue of enacting sensable commonsense gun laws because it is run by wack-job clown radical like Wayne LaPierre and Ted Nugent. Just like Matt Gertz of Media Matters said in this article: Don’t take our word for it. He […]

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How Mainstream Media Enables Senate GOP Obstructionism Of The Majority’s Will

By Adam Shah Yesterday, we documented how the conservative media, following the release of a report by the Secretary of the Senate, covered up obstructionism by Senate Republicans in order to cast Democrats as “do-nothing” and “lazy.” In fact, Republicans have routinely resorted to filibusters to try to block bills that would have otherwise passed […]

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