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Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

New Home Buyers are “Under Water” Because of Falling Home Prices

More than 1 million Americans who have taken out mortgages in the past two years now owe more on their loans than their homes...

George Zimmerman’s Complicated Past Intriguing NEW details

By Wonda J New interviews by Reuters reveal a complicated portrait of the man who killed Trayvon Martin. In the article entitled Prelude to a shooting,...

Bully Debt Collector Company Finally Mess With the Wrong Woman (video)

Diana Mey, of Wheeling  West Virginia, fights to collect $10 Million from a debt collector that constantly bully her in paying a debt she didn't...

‘No Specific Threat’ One Year After The Killing of Bin Laden (video)

By Easton L During the 2004 presidential election there was a lot of debate around the subject of "keeping us safe" and a large part of that...

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