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Daily Archives: April 28, 2012

The Marco Rubio Campaign is In Some HOT water (video)

Politico and the Huffington Post is reporting that the Senate campaign of Florida Republican Marco Rubio has agreed to pay an $8,000 fine for...

Out of Touch Mitt Romney To Students: Borrow Money From Your Parents (video)

By Wonda J Out of touch was on FULL display as Mitt Romney goes to Ohio to get involve into the students loan debate. He...

Jimmy Kimmel Will Host the Toughest Gig in Political Comedy (video)

By Wonda J Jimmy Kimmel will be  hosting the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner tonight. Nightline chat with Jimmy Kimmel as he visit the white house...

John Boerner: The Heights of Dishonesty (video)

By Tiana L House Speaker John Boerner blow a gasket, as usual, on the house floor on Friday afternoon blasting what he call Democrat politicizing of...

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