WATCH Breastfeeding mom Defends Her Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover Picture

Jamie Lynne Grumet and her son, Aram, appeared on NBC's Today show on Friday May 11, 2012.

By Wonda J

By now mostly everyone have seen the picture on Time Magazine front coverJamie Lynne Grumet and her son, Aram, appeared on NBC's Today show on Friday May 11, 2012. that created a flurry of outrage media discussion, now the woman in the center of that controversial picture, is speaking.

Jamie Lynne Grumet, who posed for the cover of Time Magazine nursing her 3-year-old son, appeared on NBC’s “Today” show on Friday to talk about the controversial cover.

“We knew exactly what we were going to get in to,” Grumet said as her son, Aram, fidgeted on the couch beside her. “I do understand why Time chose this picture because…it did create such a media craze to get the dialogue talking.”

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But the outrage that followed the cover’s release on Thursday took her by surprise. “I don’t think anyone was expecting it,” she said.

The shocking photo shows 26-year-old Grumet wearing skinny jeans and a tank top while Aram, standing on a wooden chair, is latched on to her left breast. Both are looking at the camera — Aram quizzically, Grumet defiantly. The headline reads “Are You Mom Enough?”

Did Time go too far with this cover? (Photo:”I understand some of the breastfeeding advocates are actually upset about this,” Grumet said as Aram draped himself over her lap and whined. They feel that the cover didn’t show the nurturing side of attachment parenting, she explained as she stroked her son’s back, but “This isn’t how we breastfeed at home. It’s more of a cradling, nurturing situation.”

Many Yahoo! readers had the same issue with the picture. “This picture would have been better received if the child was seated on mom’s lap and they were looking at each other,” Cherrie from Raleigh, North Carolina, commented. “Nothing about this picture makes me think of nurture or affection. Mom is practically glaring at the camera. I think TIME magazine was going for the shock factor.” More than 2,125 other Yahoo! readers gave her comment a thumbs up.

“Breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience between mother and child,” wrote Tonya from Rochester, New York. “She is not bonding with him in this photo. She is using him to fuel controversy.”