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Ann Romney got testy with Joy Behar – had difficulty answering Whoopi Question

  The ladies of “The View” on Thursday welcome Ann Romney on the couch. However, after the smiley entrance the questions about her husband began and she was clearly uncomfortable submitting answers. Originally, the Romneys were going to appear on “The View” together, after the Republican presidential candidate made less-than-flattering remarks about the show’s hosts. Gov. Romney canceled […]

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Juan Williams: Ann Romney is A ‘Corporate Wife’ [video]

  By Tiana L Fox news Juan Williams shock his colleagues when he jump straight out of left field and harshley criticize Ann Romney convention speech calling her a ‘corporate wife’ whose ‘husband takes care of her.’ Mitt Romney’s wife generally drew plaudits for her speech, but Williams focused on the opening section of the address, when […]

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Ann Romney on Taxes

ANN ROMNEY: We Won’t Release any Tax Returns [video]

  By Tiana L Ann Romney was out once again trying to sell her husband incomplete vague economic policies. However, it would’nt take long before the “taxes return” as in showing the voting public their tax returns question. Paul Ryan who is already meeting with donor billionair, Sheldon Adelson, in Las Veagas, have also double […]

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Ann Romney struggle on GMA

ANN Romney: ” We Have given ‘you people’ all you need to know” [video]

  By Easton L The Romney campaign unleash their best weapon – Ann Romney – to combat the growing bipartisan call for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns. However, not only did she embarrassingly struggle to explain their complicated tax world of Swiss bank account and offshore tax haven, what she said created more controversy — raising more […]

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abc_ann Romney

Romney Still Undecided on V.P. Pick, Wife Says

  By Wonda J In an exclusive sit-down interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Ann Romney said Mitt Romney has yet to pick a running a mate, despite reports that he could announce his choice for vice president as early as this week. “We’re not quite there yet,” Ann Romney told ABC’s Roberts of […]

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Ann and Mitt

Mitt Romney BUSTED Part 2 (video)

By Wonda J Willard Romney hides policies from his biggest donors. Romney have been preaching on the campaign trail that he plans to gut Washington but doesn’t want to tell American voters what exactly he is going to cut. Earlier we reported that Romney got busted in his phoney defense of “stay -at- home moms”. His wife Ann Romney just […]

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Romney Said Stay-At-Home Parents Lack "Dignity Of Work

BUSTED: Mitt Romney Said Stay-At-Home Parents Lack “Dignity Of Work” (video)

By Wonda J The hypocricy and double standard here is astounding to say the least. As host of UP With Chris Hayes uncover’s a bombshell double standard from presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Prior to saying “All Moms Are Working Moms,” Romney never have anything nice to say about mothers who stay at home, especially poor moms […]

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News Media Focus Attention To Rosen’s Comment While Ignoring Policies That Hurt Women

Hillary Rosen Uproar Is A Distraction From Policies That Hurt Women’s Economic Opportunities Conservative media have created a furor over CNN contributor Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney, drowning out an important truth: conservative policies limit women’s opportunities to succeed economically. Rosen Says Ann Romney Never Dealt With Everyday Economic Problems, Then Apologizes Rosen: Ann […]

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Ann Romney is Out of Touch like her housband Mitt

Ann Romney is Out of Touch Like Mitt Romney

By John S. Wilson Ann Romney is on Twitter. And she’s not happy. Late yesterday evening Mrs. Romney made her debut after Hilary Rosen, noted democratic strategist, said about her: “[S]he’s never worked a day in her life.” To which Mrs. Romney replied: “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe […]

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