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Mitt Romney's offshore accounts under scrutiny

The Tax Haven Candidate: Romney disclosing less than any candidate in 36 years [video]

    By Easton L The Tax Haven Candidate known as Mitt Romney is rightfully under heavy criticism for failing to live up to the gold standard of disclosure set by his father George Romney. George Romney who ran for president in the 1968 release 12 years worth of his personal tax returns for public scrutiny. […]

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Jon Kyl

Jon Kyl does Not Support extending Middle Class Payroll Tax Cut

Republican Senate Minority Whip, Jon Llewellyn Kyl, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” said that he would not support extending the payroll tax cut before the end of this year. The retiring Arizona senator, using the same old predictable strawman argument, claim that the payroll tax cut would significantly undermine the Social Security system. So according to Republican […]

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