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The former Massachusetts governor holds a wide lead over his GOP rivals

Mitt Romney leads in Nevada caucus early results

By Tiana L As expected based on polling results, Mitt Romney leads his Republican rivals in the Nevada caucus, according to early votes reported by the Nevada Republican party.   Based on every polls leading up to today’s caucus, Romney should cruse to a resounding victory of at least 20 points. While Saturday’s final caucuses […]

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Kelly Clarkson endorsement unleashed online firestorm

By Wonda J The first American idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, publicley endorses Texas Congressman Ron Paul on Thursday for the Republican nomination on whosay. She writes, “I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance. If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 […]

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Michele Bachmann’s Iowa Captain decide it’s time to leave the sinking asylum

By Easton L DEAD In The WATER: With less than a week before the first GOP acid test in Iowa, sate Senator Kent Sorenson, the Iowa captain of Michele Bachmann’s hell bound campaign,  decide it was time to abondon the Bachmann ship that was sinking faster than the titanic.  Adding to the HIGH DRAMA, Sorenson decide to leave one […]

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Ron Paul new ad Blast Gingrich and Romney as part of the “machine”

By Tiana L As he climbs to the top of the polls in Iowa and with the cacuses just days away, Rep. Ron Paul his hitting his rivals, for the Republican presidential nomination, hard. In his latest television ad, called “Machine,” Paul blames the Washington culture of “politicians who supported bailouts and mandates, serial hypocrites and […]

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Ron Paul under siege from one of his own former loyal disciple

  By Easton L Ron Paul camp spend another critical day off message dismissing a scathing personal account published Monday by former longtime Paul aide Eric Dondero, who paints the Texas congressman as “intolerant” of Spanish speakers, anti-Israel and anti-Israeli, personally uncomfortable around homosexuals, and “out of touch” with black and Hispanic culture — among […]

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Bachmann and Herman Cain say bring back torture

The widely debunked discredited, Dick Cheney, so called enhanced interrogation techniques, know as waterboarding/torture, receive strong backing from two Gop presidential candidate at Saturday night’s CBS News national security debate in South Carolina. Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann relentlessly defend the use of waterboarding, while Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman condemned it as torture which is immoral and illegal. “I […]

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